Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am so FRUSTRATED with CK's customer service

Ugh. I'm just SO MAD RIGHT NOW!!

I pre-ordered the Sweet Baby KOTM kit. It was supposed to ship on the 10th. I got the billing email on the 13th, and the funds were deducted from my account on the 14th ($54.48). The email I got telling me that I was going to get billed also gave me a order number and it said that it would ship out within 2-7 business days. Great!

So...when I didn't get a shipping notification I gave them a call on the 20th. I got the run-around and had to speak to 3 different people until they finally got me connected with Sherri, and she told me that then last batch of kits went out on last Thursday (the 16th) and mine should be in that batch (mind you, anytime anyone looked up my name OR my order number nothing came up in the computers). So, she said that she hoped I'd have my kit by Friday (the 24th). Friday has come and gone now. I called Sherri yesterday and she didn't know what to do since she can't even see that I actually ordered the kit (even though I have an order number) and since she can't get any info about that, so can't tell if I actually paid for it (hello?? I have a copy of my statement RIGHT HERE that shows I paid for it!). So she wants me to talk to someone else. Great. Aaron.

I called Aaron yesterday. He didn't know what to do since he couldn't find my order in the system (not by name, order number, address, or anything) and so he tells me that I need to talk to Stephanie and that she'd call me later that day. Of course, no phone call from her. So I call back Aaron's number today and I get someone else. He tries to help me but tells me that I'd be better off re-ordering the kit and putting in for a refund of the old kit. Except that they can't give me a refund because as far as their system shows I never ordered or paid for the kit in the first place!! WHAT? I'm not ordering again! I just want what I paid for I told him. Anyways, he tells me that I need to talk to Stephanie and that he'd email her so that she can call me back today.

I'm BEYOND frustrated. I really, really, really want my kit!!! It shouldn't be sooo difficult to get what I PAID FOR!!

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Kristii said...

How frustrating!!! Shouldn't they be able to look under accounts received? There has to be some kind of record of the transaction since it took place on your end, there has to be some record of it on their end. I totally hate being passed around from one person to the next, and they just don't know what to do with you. I hope you can get this resolved soon. There is nothing worse than spending a day on hold!