Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I figured it out

I've already had the grandparents asking about Christmas gifts. What to get the kids. Honestly...they don't need anything. At all. Especially NOT toys. PLEASE! and Pete were talking last night and we decided on telling anyone that asks what to get the kids to tell them to get them SAVINGS BONDS.

I hope they all listen. I'm tired of all these toys. And honestly, less then 2 weeks after Christmas all the new toys are either broke or forgotten. And then they are in the trash. And that's just a waste of money.

And I think from mom and dad they are going to get a family trip to the Seaside Aquarium (it's quite a drive, so we'd have to stay overnight and make it a weekend). Think that's a bad idea?

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Cath said...

Hi Jennifer! i think that's a great idea - next weekend we are going to Disney on Ice - Finding Nemo, which was Katy's birthday gift from last year from her Gran. I'll also get money for her bank - we will draw from it to get big things as and when we need to, such as a bike. We will be taking her holiday spending money from there too for when we go to the US in May 09. Happy purging! Cath