Thursday, October 2, 2008

September 2nd, 2008

Today my list is semi-short, I've already done LOTS this morning (including the laundry, the dishes, and starting dinner (crockpot).

So for the rest of today I need to:
* shower (when trev naps)
* straighten up the living room
* finish up the girls' room
* clear off my dresser
* my desk (again -- it's the catch-all in the house)

I'm also thinking about listing some stuff on eBay too. Maybe. I haven't completely decided IF I want to sell it yet -- but I DO want the new KOTM from Lisa Bearnson...we'll see what wins in the end.


WriterGirl said...

loving the colors on your blog!! you are rockin'!

Juls said...

It's the best feeling to have so much done around the house!