Thursday, October 9, 2008


I know that I didn't put up my 'daily list' but today I've been BUSY. I've been in a purging mood. I'm tired of my family room being so cluttered!!! Our house has been taken over by toys!!

Last week I donated two LARGE garbage bags worth of toys from the girls' room. That's helped some with the toy issue in there. Right now we are having a movie issue in there and they have tooooooo many movies and they don't fit on the shelf anymore and are piled up. And as you can imagine...slowly the pile gets bigger and bigger until....CRASH....they all fall down on the ground. Ugh.

Well, anyways, I spent all morning today going through Trevor's toy box. I pulled out all the Little People (Farm, Amusement park, Dino land, etc) and cleaned them up and put them up for sale on Craigslist. SOLD! Then I pulled out the Bounce and Spin Zebra. Did the same and SOLD! And his airplane that he never played with but I kept it around because I loved it. SOLD instantly! Whew. I also purged out Hailey's dresser and got all the clothes that are too small out (she recently hit a growth spurt and outgrew all her 3T clothes). I have someone coming by at 2 to get them. Yea! So far I've made $120. Oh, I have a lady coming by for Trev's old Pack-N-Play too in about an hour.

I'm just SO happy to get rid of this stuff. So is Trevor. With the family room empty we were able to re-set up his Shake and Go Track (we took it down when we got the airplane) and he's been in heaven. He just loves those cars.

Anyways, off to purge some more!

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