Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The story of the Christmas Tree

So...we ALWAYS get a real tree. We enjoy going up into the woods and picking out the perfect Douglas Fir and cutting it down. The kids love it too. It's an adventure, and something that we've ALWAYS have done. Well, until this year.

Normally we would go out 2 weeks before Christmas and cut it down. But that weekend we went out to the coast to go clam digging. No biggie, right? We still had 2 more weekends before Christmas to get that special tree.

Except, how were we to know that 'Arctic Blast 2008' was going to come through and leave us snow. Lots of snow. Too much snow to even THINK about going up into the mountains and cut down a tree. No biggie though, there were LOTS of tree lots around with trees for sale.

Well, that was BEFORE the snow. We've spent the last week looking for a tree. Not even the perfect tree, ANY tree would of been great. But the lots have long since packed up and moved on. Ugh.

We've looked everywhere. Lowe's. Home Depot. EVERYWHERE! No trees to be found. Kimberly is starting to get worried. She thinks that since we don't have a tree, Santa wont have anywhere to leave presents. So...we found this TINY tree in the Christmas box (think maybe 12" tall). You know, one of those table decorations (nothing that we could decorate, it has all that stuff already on it). Not exactly what Kimberly wanted, but she decided that it could work. If that's all we can find.

So, I was determined today. I was going to find a tree. Except, I knew at this point a real one was out of the question...so I went on the 'fake' tree search.

AND I FOUND ONE! It's little (about 5 feet tall), but it'll work. I'm sure of it. I just got done putting it together (the girls don't even know about it yet!). It already has the lights on it. It's pretty :) I can't wait for them to wake up in the morning and see it now.

Whew. Christmas is saved here in the Swartz house now!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Jennifer, it would be funny if it wasn't such a big disapointment for the kids. but your little tree is cute.
All out tree lots have been down for a couple of weeks.

Carla said...

Jennifer, it is way cute!! Now just remember, you HAVE to scrap it and tell the story!! Its a great story! I'm sure the kids will be very happy with it! I have had my fake 7 ft. pre-lit tree now for a few years and love it. Just remember, Santa doesn't care about the tree, he just tries to make the kids as happy as possible and I think your kids will be VERY happy this year!!! Merry Christmas to you all and have a safe holiday with all that beautiful snow!!!


Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

lol Good story! I know the snow has been a little nuts up there. :) We have all fake trees down south. lol Much easier and no rush to get it out of the house, or clean up pine needles. I still can't believe there were no trees to be found in all those stores! Amazing... sounds like many had to do the same as you, buy an artifical tree. Kmart usually has some pretty nice ones each year as well.