Thursday, February 19, 2009

October Afternoon Sketch #2

Here's my take on the second sketch from the October Afternoon blog! :)

October Afternoon Sketch #1

I'm LOVING the sketches on the October Afternoon blog! They are great, and they encourage me to actually USE my OA stuff instead of hoard it (like I normally do since I love it so much!).

Anyways, this is the first sketch & layout:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trev's Valentine Portraits

Here they are! I finally got the proofs back. These ones are my favs:

He had a *major* attachment issue with the darn arrow. I couldn't get it away from him, so that's why it's in most of the pictures. Also, he's pretty much hit that age where he doesn't want to stand still for pictures. so it was difficult there too. And the photographer wasn't the most patient that didn't help either. Oh well. I still love the pics, even if they aren't perfect!

Oh, and on a side note. I LOVE the third photo the best, but is little belly is hanging out (you can see it if you look close). BUMMER! lol!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shopping Day!!

I SO needed a little bit of time AWAY. With the sick kiddo, and the kids being home, and Pete working all weekend, it was nice to take a few hours to myself :)

I ended up going to Michaels, Craft Warehouse, and Joann's!

First I went to Michaels. Didn't buy ANYTHING. lol. I wanted to check out the new EK punches that they were supposed to have, but they only had the display up with nothing on it. At all.

So, next I went to Craft Warehouse. I scoped out their clearance rack and found the Heidi Grace Baby line from last year that I really wanted but never bought (personally, I think that some of the Heidi Grace stuff is just too overpriced, but it's still oh-so-cute). I picked up 6 sheets of paper (4 of them are luster/flocked/shimmer), a pack of rub-ons, a pack of chipboard (there are 5 sheets of chipboard in the pack!), a set of stickers (cute!), and a pack of Thickers (on clearance too!). LOVE it all!

Cute, huh?

On the clearance rack they had these 2 sheets of Making Memories Animal Crackers line too, and since I love that line and have already used these sheets, I got them too:

All the stuff on that rack was 75% off! What a deal!

They also had the new Making Memories Flower Patch papers, so I got these 3 (they were only $.33 each!):

Can't beat that!

And then I went to Joann's. I had something to return there, so I actually didn't spend anything. lol. I came home with more money then I left with :) But I did get the new Heidi Grace line, Cheerful Bee. So freaking cute. All the stickers were 40% off and I got the paper pack for 50% with my coupon. It's so bright and cheery, perfect for this summers' photos!!

So...that's it! lol! Anyways, I had fun. I really went to Michaels to get the new Chelsea's Place paper and stuff, but I just didn't love it enough. I know, I'm weird. lol!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Host

I finished up this book over the weekend and it was SOOOO good! I didn't want it to end!! I totally recommend it to anyone that is looking for something to read. It's kind of a science fiction book about humans and aliens, but it really was good. :) Now I have to patiently wait for the second book to come year!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thicker Storage!!

I've been having trouble with storing my thickers. I guess the real problem was that my Thicker collection was growing faster then I was using them.

I've tried lots of solutions, different boxes, containers, etc. But, even though they fit for a minute, pretty soon Thickers were piling up on my desk. It's almost like they were multiplying like they were rabbits!!!

Anyways, here's what I came up with today while I was at the store. It cost me a total of $9.75. And I LOVE it!! I'm just so happy to of found a solution that works well right now. And the rod expands, so I can ad more later if I need to!

So as it is right now it is easily fitting the 72 sets of Thickers that I have on it! I can't believe that I have 72 (!!!!) sets!! Geez. I also attached my Bazzill Edges and my Doodlebug Frills on the rod too since then. :)

Pictures & Layout from today (well...yesterday techically)

Look at my Trev!!! These pictures were taken today and I just HAD to scrap them!! I love the look on his face on the main picture, but most of all I love the picture of him showing off in his suit! He just LOVED being dressed up. He wanted to wear his suit ALL DAY! lol!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My itty bitty scrap space

I recently took over a corner of our room to put a desk for my scrap stuff! I am SO tired of having to take everything out and set up in the dining room, just to have to clean it all up at meal times. I wasn't ever getting much done! So I reclaimed my corner. I used to have this corner with my scrap stuff before Trev was born, but when he was a baby we had him sleep in our room and this is where his bed was. But since he's out and I've cleaned up and I got my space back! it is:

This is the whole corner :) lol! This was the girls' old desk, we got it at Ikea. It's okay. Not the best, but it works. Pretty sturdy actually, but not the 'prettiest'. Like my chair? I love it! lol! :) I got it at the Goodwill last week. Oh...see my little laptop? It's the BEST ever! My Cricut is right behind the chair...I want to get a little table to put next to my desk for my Cricut, but for now it's where it is, I can just move my laptop over there to use Design Studio. No biggie.

This is the wall right above my workspace. I love Halloween so I decided to use my felt Halloween buckets to hold my 'stuff'. The first one has loose ribbon, the second one has tools in it, and the third has my newly bought stuff that I haven't put away yet. Right below that is my ribbon spools. I hung up my large punches too, makes them accessible so that I use them!

This is on the right side of my desk, on the desk. It's just a letter file organizer thing that I got at Costco. Works for me since I scrap 8.5x11. I filed my black, white, and kraft cardstock on it in easy reach (my most used background colors). I also have my felt sheets on it and my little tool bag. My trimmer fits perfectly on the top of it. Behind it (by the wall) is my embellishment case and my cardstock (yes, that's ALL my cardstock!). I also have a few magazines there too in easy reach in case I need some inspiration.

and finally, under my desk. My tote has all my 'stuff' in it. I file away the majority of my stuff by 'theme', so each folder has a certain theme in it. Birthday, Boy, Girl, Summer, etc. Next it it is my thickers collection. And next to that are my 2 major projects, the CK baby kit and my Disney album. Those are ongoing projects. Especially the Disney album, I'm just SO not inspired to do it.
Anyways, there ya have it. Nothing special, but it works for me. And it really is nice to have a small corner that is all mine!

Monday, February 9, 2009

MORE of Trev's Baby Album

I'm LOVING this kit!! I really, really am. Now that I've figured out my format everything is coming together SO easily. Here's 2 more layouts for his album:

Month 1:
Our Family Tree:

Sunday, February 8, 2009

FINALLY starting on Trev's Baby Album using the CK KOTM kit!

Whew. I've only had this thing for several months now! lol! I've done the first 2 layouts now for it and I'm loving it! So easy to use! I need to get a new ink cartridge for my photo printer and maybe I'll get some more pages done later for it too. Maybe. I don't know if I'm going to the store today or now.

Anyways, here's the layouts I've done so far:

The opening page for the album. In the pocket is his stats and the bracelets :)

Here's the first spread, the expecting you one. I only had ONE picture of me pregnant, so I thought I'd add my ultrasound photos here too.

Here are those to pages up close:

So...there ya have it. Can you believe all that journaling? Ugh. I hate my writing. lol. But since this album is FULL of journaling prompts...oh well. I better get used to it!

eta: I got a few more pages done last night. Here they are:

Labor and Delivery. Nothing hugely special here, but I'm glad to get these pics done. I hate how unflattering labor and delivery pictures are, not only are you super tired and exhausted, but the lighting leaves a lot to be desired. lol

Trev's Birth Story. Of course, after I had this all done I noticed a few typos. Ugh!

LRS Feb Gallery Sneeks!!

they love me, they really do!!

this is pretty much just a follow up to yesterday's post about my top 10 layouts, but I made the Peas Pick of the day for my Heartbreaker layout!! Pretty darn cool if you ask me!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I know that I JUST posted, but I went to check out the gallery at 2peas and BOTH of my layouts from the crop last night are in the top 10!!!! I've NEVER been in the top 10 there before!! WAY exciting!!!

Here's proof:

2Peas Online Crop

so I participated in the online crop last night! it was a blast!! There were 4 challenges (1 an hour, the crop was 4 hours long), so ended up doing 2 of the challenges (I missed the first hour of the crop due to it being dinner time!).

The first challenge was to use 25 of something on your layout. I used 25 epoxy hearts:

I just LOVE that picture of Trevor!!

The next challenge was to scraplift your last layout. lol. Easy!

I love both of my layouts!!! :) I had so much fun too. And I won a prize for my not so Scary Monster layout!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Today's Layout :)

I have 2 more that I'd LOVE to get done today, but I don't know if I'm up to it. I'm pretty tired today, Hailey didn't sleep good last I was up with her for part of the night. Ugh. So tired!
Anyways, here it is:
This is only the 2nd time I've EVER used Basic Grey. It's usually not my thing, but I fell in love with it at the store. I used some of the items I picked up last week at my lss! Feels GREAT to use it up! I plan on using more on my next layout. I just love pink/red/white/black layouts SO MUCH. The cute little heart tree is a Cricut DS file that I got from the Cricut message board. Isn't it adorable?