Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My itty bitty scrap space

I recently took over a corner of our room to put a desk for my scrap stuff! I am SO tired of having to take everything out and set up in the dining room, just to have to clean it all up at meal times. I wasn't ever getting much done! So I reclaimed my corner. I used to have this corner with my scrap stuff before Trev was born, but when he was a baby we had him sleep in our room and this is where his bed was. But since he's out and I've cleaned up and I got my space back!

So..here it is:

This is the whole corner :) lol! This was the girls' old desk, we got it at Ikea. It's okay. Not the best, but it works. Pretty sturdy actually, but not the 'prettiest'. Like my chair? I love it! lol! :) I got it at the Goodwill last week. Oh...see my little laptop? It's the BEST ever! My Cricut is right behind the chair...I want to get a little table to put next to my desk for my Cricut, but for now it's where it is, I can just move my laptop over there to use Design Studio. No biggie.

This is the wall right above my workspace. I love Halloween so I decided to use my felt Halloween buckets to hold my 'stuff'. The first one has loose ribbon, the second one has tools in it, and the third has my newly bought stuff that I haven't put away yet. Right below that is my ribbon spools. I hung up my large punches too, makes them accessible so that I use them!

This is on the right side of my desk, on the desk. It's just a letter file organizer thing that I got at Costco. Works for me since I scrap 8.5x11. I filed my black, white, and kraft cardstock on it in easy reach (my most used background colors). I also have my felt sheets on it and my little tool bag. My trimmer fits perfectly on the top of it. Behind it (by the wall) is my embellishment case and my cardstock (yes, that's ALL my cardstock!). I also have a few magazines there too in easy reach in case I need some inspiration.

and finally, under my desk. My tote has all my 'stuff' in it. I file away the majority of my stuff by 'theme', so each folder has a certain theme in it. Birthday, Boy, Girl, Summer, etc. Next it it is my thickers collection. And next to that are my 2 major projects, the CK baby kit and my Disney album. Those are ongoing projects. Especially the Disney album, I'm just SO not inspired to do it.
Anyways, there ya have it. Nothing special, but it works for me. And it really is nice to have a small corner that is all mine!

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silvia said...

Looks great!!! LOVE your Halloween buckets!!Wanna come and organize my scrap space?