Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I was tagged.

I don't much follow all the tags and such, and I'm sure I've been tagged before, so I'm sorry. I'm a bad blogger I guess.

Anyways, this tag was to post your very first layout.

so here it is:

it's from March of 2002. lol!

and here's my very first Design Team layout ever done!

Done in January of 2004 for a site called Scrap that Smile, they went out of business.'s my very first published layout ever:

It was in Ivy Cottage Creations Baby Steps Idea book back in June of 2003!

and here's a recent one, just so you can see how much I've changed :)

and so now I'm supposed to tag 5 more people. So let me about:

Nikki H.
Shemaine S.
Christie W.
Sara G.
AnnaMarie M.

(all LRS girls!)


Shemaine said...

Oh fun...I have to go and dig mine out it may take a few days for me since I have no photos on the computer. it's amazing to see how our scrapping style has changed and mine are 11 years old LOL

Lorry said...

Jennifer! Great layouts, thanks for playing along.. Love the newest one.. great color combo and format!!

Kristii said...

I love seeing everyone's older layouts!!! Thanks for playing along!!! Your work is amazing girl!!